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The popularity of metal buildings has skyrocketed over the past decade, thanks to their affordability, durability, and energy efficiency. If you’re a farmer, business owner, or homeowner, metal buildings are a smart choice that will last a lifetime. 

If you’re considering metal buildings for your project, trust experienced McKinney, Texas metal building contractor McKinney Metal Buildings Pros. At McKinney Metal Building Pros, we have years of experience and expertise in designing and constructing steel buildings for any purpose


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Premium Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings in McKinney, Texas

Texas Riding Arena

About McKinney Metal Buildings

Prefabricated steel buildings are superior to traditional wood construction in several ways. At McKinney Metal Building Pros, we specialize in steel construction because of the outstanding benefits it offers home and business owners in McKinney, TX. If you’re not convinced that metal buildings are right for your project, consider some reasons why steel buildings are better than wood construction:

Superior Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of metal buildings equals and, in some cases, surpasses other types of construction. We use the highest quality metal building insulation for construction to keep people, livestock, and equipment safe and your electric and fuel costs low.

Long Lasting And More Durable

Steel doesn’t corrode, rot, or crack, making it preferable to wood construction. Metal buildings have nearly eight times the strength of concrete, making them less likely to break under stress or pressure. Steel buildings can stand up to McKinney’s storms and winds more effectively than wood construction.

Less Costly To Insure

Insurance companies give discounts to metal building owners because these structures are less likely to suffer damage than other construction. We use metal building kits with a natural resistance to fire, mold, pests, and earthquakes. They are safer in lightning storms than buildings made from wood.

Less Expensive To Build And Maintain

Our metal building kits rely on recycled steel, which helps keep metal building prices low. Following construction, metal buildings are virtually maintenance-free, making them much more affordable than concrete or wood construction.


McKinney Metal Building Pros is the best metal building contractor in McKinney, TX, for:

Agricultural Metal Buildings

Texas Metal Barn

Agriculture is a significant part of Texas’ economy. The state is one of the country’s leading producers of livestock and crops, and McKinney, TX, drives about a third of Texas’ commercial agricultural economy.

Commercial Metal Buildings

Texas Steel Buildings

Commercial business in McKinney, TX, produces approximately one-third of Texas’ economy. If you own a commercial enterprise in McKinney or are looking to build one, let McKinney Metal Building Pros help maximize your profits by constructing an affordable commercial metal building.

Residential Metal Buildings

Are you looking for an affordable way to customize a living space in McKinney, TX, that’s flexible enough to meet your design needs and sturdy enough to last you a lifetime? Then you should consider a residential metal building.

You Have Questions About Metal Buildings? We Have Answers!

What areas does McKinney Metal Building Pros serve? We serve all of the greater Texas areas including:

  • Abilene, TX
  • Killeen, TX
  • Longview, TX
  • Round Rock, TX
  • Wace, TX
  • And Many More!


How much do metal buildings cost? Metal building pricing is based on the type of project. Contact us for a free quote.


Why should I choose McKinney Metal Building Pros? We are the leading McKinney, Texas metal building contractor because of our commitment to service and quality. Contact McKinney Metal Building Pros to get started on your project today.

Metal Building Services We Provide in McKinney, Texas

At McKinney Metal Building Pros, we take pride in our outstanding customer service. We provide full-service contracting—we do everything from architectural design and securing building permits to construction and helping you source low-cost interior appliances and features. We have deep expertise in local and state construction laws to ensure that your metal buildings are built to code. 

We use the highest-quality materials to construct buildings that are made to last. Our staff is bonded and licensed to serve as the premier McKinney, Texas metal building contractor. We have an array of metal building kits that we can tailor to meet your specific vision.

We will ensure that your project is structurally sound, highly functional, and visually stunning. Whether you’re in the market for a barndominium (a barn with a comfy living space for staff or a family), a warehouse, or a church, McKinney Metal Building Pros can tackle your project. Some typical metal buildings in McKinney include:

  • Airplane hangars
  • Auto and truck manufacturing plants
  • Barns and crop storage
  • Community centers
  • Equestrian arenas
  • Farm equipment storage
  • Garages and storage sheds
  • Homes and offices
  • Industrial plants
  • Places of worship
  • RV storage
  • Veterinary facilities